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  • Computer aided darlington synthesis of an all purpose immittance function 

    Aksen, Ahmet; Yarman, Bekir Sıddık Binboğa; Köprü, Ramazan; Kumar, Narendra Senthil; Aydın, Çaǧatay; Atilla, Doǧu Çaǧdaş; Chacko, Prakash (Istanbul University, 2016)
    This work is the continuation of our high precision immittance synthesis paper series introduced in IEEE TCAS-I. In the present manuscript, we modified the previously introduced high precision Bandpass LC-ladder synthesis ...
  • Computer aided high precision Darlington synthesis for real frequency matching 

    Aksen, Ahmet; Yarman, Bekir Sıddık Binboǧa; Köprü, Ramazan; Aydın, Çaǧatay; Atilla, Çağdaş (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2016-08-02)
    In this work, we introduce a high precision synthesis algorithm to include the extraction of finite frequency and right half plane (RHP) transmission zeros of an impedance function as Brune/Darlington Type-C sections. After ...
  • Design and realization of 8-12 GHz cascaded unit element microstrip filter for X-band 

    Köprü, Ramazan; Atilla, Doǧu Çaǧdaş; Aydın, Çaǧatay; Kılınç, Sedat; Yarman, Bekir Sıddık Binboğa (IEEE, 2016)
    Design of a wideband cascaded unit element microstrip bandpass filter (UEBPF) operating along the whole X-band (8-12 GHz) is presented with satisfactory agreement between theoretical and measurement results. Simplified ...