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  • Frezeyle tornalamada takımda ortaya çıkan termal deformasyonların modellenmesi 

    Karagüzel, Umut; Bakkal, Mustafa; Budak, Erhan (Gazi Univ, Fac Engineering Architecture, 2017)
    It is possible to increase the machined workpiece accuracy and productivity during turn-milling operation by modeling the cutting forces and thermally induced deformations on cutting tool. In order to achieve this task, ...
  • Mechanical and thermal modeling of orthogonal turn-milling operation 

    Karagüzel, Umut; Bakkal, Mustafa; Budak, Erhan (Elsevier Science Bv, 2017)
    Turn-milling is a relatively new machining technology which is performed for cutting of symmetrical or non-symmetrical rotational parts. To improve productivity, determination of cutting parameters in turn-milling is ...