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  • Potassium determinations using sem, faas and xrf: some experimental notes 

    Liritzis, Ioannis; Mavrikis, D; Zacharias, Nikolaos; Sakalis, Anastasios; Tsirliganis, Nestor C.; Polymeris, George S. (UNIV AGEAN, 2011)
    The calibration of Scanning Electron Microscopy coupled with Energy Dispersive X-Rays Spectrometry (SEM-EDS) for elemental quantitative analysis is an important task for characterization, provenance and absolute dating ...
  • Relative response of TL and component-resolved OSL to alpha and beta radiations in annealed sedimentary quartz 

    Polymeris, George S.; Afouxenidis, Dimitrios; Raptis, Spyridoula; Liritzis, Ioannis; Tsirliganis, Nestor C.; Kitis, George (PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 2011-10)
    Knowledge of the relative luminescence response to alpha and beta radiation is very important in TL and OSL dating. In the present study the relative alpha to beta response is studied in a sedimentary quartz sample, ...