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  • The economic lot-sizing problem with perishable items and consumption order preference 

    Önal, Mehmet; Romeijn, H. Edwin; Sapra, Amar; Van den Heuvel, Wilco (Elsevier Science Bv, 2015-08-01)
    We consider the economic lot-sizing problem with perishable items (ELS-PI), where each item has a deterministic expiration date. Although all items in stock are equivalent regardless of procurement or expiration date, we ...
  • A note on "The economic lot sizing problem with inventory bounds" 

    Önal, Mehmet; Van den Heuvel, Wilco; Liu, Tieming (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2012-11-06)
    In a recent paper, Liu [3] considers the lot-sizing problem with lower and upper bounds on the inventory levels. He proposes an O(n(2)) algorithm for the general problem, and an O(n) algorithm for the special case with ...