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  • Deterministic generation of large scale atomic W states 

    Zang, Xue-Ping; Yang, Ming; Özaydın, Fatih; Song, Wei; Cao, Zhuo-Liang (Optical Soc Amer, 2016-05-30)
    We present a deterministic scheme for generating large-scale atomic W states in a cavity QED system via a simple expansion mechanism, which is realized only by a detuned interaction between two identical atoms and a vacuum ...
  • Generating multi-atom entangled W states via light-matter interface based fusion mechanism 

    Özaydın, Fatih; Zang, Xue-Ping; Yang, Ming; Song, Wei; Cao, Zhuo-Liang (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-11-09)
    W state is a key resource in quantum communication. Fusion technology has been proven to be a good candidate for preparing a large-size W state from two or more small-size W states in linear optical system. It is of great ...