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  • Peter Greenaway's last supper digital video installation as a 21st century contemporary art proposal 

    Tuğal Avcı, Sibel (Istanbul Univ, Research Inst Turkology, Dept Art History, 2018-01-01)
    Digital technology and digital image applications, which were first seen in the 20th century, evolved into a post-digital turn with the 21st century. Rapidly developing digital imaging technology and its related digital ...
  • New housing trends in Istanbul 

    Özker, Serpil; Tuğlu Karslı, Hatice Umut (Open House Int, 2016)
    Externalization that became prominent in 1980s with the globalization brought along dramatic changes in social and spatial areas. The social, cultural and economic events that took place on an international level thanks ...
  • Effects of heat shock on seed germination of Turkish red pine (Pinus brutia) 

    Boydak, Melih; Çalışkan, Servet (Universidad Austral De Chile, 2016)
    Fire plays an important ecological role in Mediterranean-type ecosystems. Many Mediterranean plant species exhibit enhanced germination capacity when exposed to heat. In the present study, the effect of high temperatures ...
  • Painting education & artistic evolution 

    Tandırlı, Emre (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2012)
    Art is the most effective way of expressing human emotions. It should also be an excellent application of traditional or technological tools. In our presentation-research we will be focusing on painting, painting education ...
  • Depictions Of Prophet Solomon In Christian Icons And Ottoman Miniature Art 

    Şarlak, Evangelia; Onurel, Ruhiye (UNIV AGEAN, 2014)
    From the paganism to the rise of monotheism and onwards, kings and rulers have introduced religion as part of their conduct in the socio-political construct of the society. One of the great rulers of the Old Testament, ...

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