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  • A hybrid approach to private record matching 

    İnan, Ali; Kantarcıoğlu, Murat; Ghinita, Gabriel; Bertino, Elisa (IEEE COMPUTER SOC, 2012-10)
    Real-world entities are not always represented by the same set of features in different data sets. Therefore, matching records of the same real-world entity distributed across these data sets is a challenging task. If the ...
  • Sınıflandırma için diferansiyel mahremiyete dayalı öznitelik seçimi 

    Var, Esra; İnan, Ali (Gazi Univ, Fac Engineering Architecture, 2018)
    Selecting a relevant subset of attributes is one of the most important data preprocessing steps of data mining and machine learning solutions. For the classification task, selection is based on the correlation between an ...