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  • Force-Directed Approaches to Sensor Localization 

    Efrat, Alon; Forrester, David; Iyer, Anand; Kobourov, Stephen G.; Erten, Cesim; Kılıç, Yasin Ozan (ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY, 2010-09)
    As the number of applications of sensor networks increases, so does the interest in sensor network localization, that is, in recovering the correct position of each node in a network of sensors from partial connectivity ...
  • Fully Decentralized and Collaborative Multilateration Primitives for Uniquely Localizing WSNs 

    Çakıroğlu, Arda; Erten, Cesim (SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG, 2009)
    We provide primitives for uniquely localizing WSN nodes. The goal is to maximize the number of uniquely localized nodes assuming a fully decentralized model of computation. Each node constructs a cluster of its own and ...