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  • Omnivariate Rule Induction Using a Novel Pairwise Statistical Test 

    Yıldız, Olcay Taner (IEEE Computer Soc, 2013-09)
    Rule learning algorithms, for example, RIPPER, induces univariate rules, that is, a propositional condition in a rule uses only one feature. In this paper, we propose an omnivariate induction of rules where under each ...
  • On the feature extraction in discrete space 

    Yıldız, Olcay Taner (ELSEVIER SCI LTD., 2014-05)
    In many pattern recognition applications, feature space expansion is a key step for improving the performance of the classifier. In this paper, we (i) expand the discrete feature space by generating all orderings of values ...
  • Quadratic programming for class ordering in rule induction 

    Yıldız, Olcay Taner (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2015-03-01)
    Separate-and-conquer type rule induction algorithms such as Ripper, solve a K>2 class problem by converting it into a sequence of K - 1 two-class problems. As a usual heuristic, the classes are fed into the algorithm in ...