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  • Sadece kaynak kod kullanarak otomatik yorum oluşturma 

    Yıldız, Eren; Ekin, Emine (IEEE, 2017)
    In this study, automatic comment generation for Java methods is described. It is sufficient that the codes conform to the syntax rules of the Java programming language, and it is not expected to be runnable. In order to ...
  • Vikipedi ve Vikisözlük'ten Hypernym çıkarma 

    Şaşmaz, Emre; Ehsani, Razieh; Yıldız, Olcay Taner (IEEE, 2017)
    Large scale dictionaries such as wordnets are one of the important structures used in natural language processing. Wordnet is a comprehensive dictionary containing semantic relations including synonyms, antonyms, etc. In ...
  • Kural bazlı otomatik haber etiketleme 

    Özenç, Berke; Solak, Ercan (IEEE, 2017)
    In this study, a rule based application that collects news from public network sources and automatically tags these news gathered has been implemented. The sub-goal of the study is to measure which features are more ...
  • Odaklanan nöron 

    Çam, İlker; Tek, Faik Boray (IEEE, 2017)
    The traditional neural network topology is not flexible to change during the training process. Every neuron and it's independent weights in the network are part of the solution function. The proposed focusing neuron model ...
  • Elektronik bateri oyunu için somut bir kullanıcı arayüzü 

    Ay, Fahrettin; Engin, İlkan; İnce, Gökhan (IEEE, 2017)
    Along with the widespread use of technology, there have been many studies on human-computer relation recently. Study of the effects of computer systems on human education can be shown as an example of this. In this paper, ...
  • An experimental evaluation of prior polarities in sentiment lexicons 

    Kanburoğlu, Ali Buğra; Solak, Ercan (IEEE, 2017)
    We present the results of an experiment to assess the validity of prior polarities available in sentiment lexicons. We designed a ranking task that was elicited through pairwise comparisons and compared the results to those ...
  • Bulanık mantık kullanılarak sese duyarlı aydınlatma 

    Kanburoğlu, Ali Buğra; Şaşmaz, Emre (IEEE, 2017)
    Sanayileşmenin ve teknolojinin gelişmesiyle birlikte, geçmişte çözülememiş olan problemler daha kolay çözülebilir hale gelmiştir. İnsan beyninin çalışma mekanizması çeşitli metotlar halinde bilgisayarlarda uygulanmaya ...
  • All-words word sense disambiguation for Turkish 

    Açıkgöz, Onur; Gürkan, Ali Tunca; Ertopçu, Burak; Topsakal, Ozan; Özenç, Berke; Kanburoğlu, Ali Buğra; Çam, İlker; Avar, Begüm; Ercan, Gökhan; Yıldız, Olcay Taner (IEEE, 2017)
    Identifying the sense of a word within a context is a challenging problem and has many applications in natural language processing. This assignment problem is called word sense disambiguation(WSD). Many papers in the ...
  • Shallow parsing in Turkish 

    Topsakal, Ozan; Açıkgöz, Onur; Gürkan, Ali Tunca; Kanburoğlu, Ali Buğra; Ertopçu, Burak; Özenç, Berke; Çam, İlker; Avar, Begüm; Ercan, Gökhan; Yıldız, Olcay Taner (IEEE, 2017)
    In this study, shallow parsing is applied on Turkish sentences. These sentences are used to train and test the per-formances of various learning algorithms with various features specified for shallow parsing in Turkish.
  • Incremental construction of rule ensembles using classifiers produced by different class orderings 

    Yıldız, Olcay Taner; Ulaş, Aydın (IEEE, 2016)
    In this paper, we discuss a novel approach to incrementally construct a rule ensemble. The approach constructs an ensemble from a dynamically generated set of rule classifiers. Each classifier in this set is trained by ...
  • A new approach for named entity recognition 

    Ertopçu, Burak; Kanburoğlu, Ali Buğra; Topsakal, Ozan; Açıkgöz, Onur; Gürkan, Ali Tunca; Özenç, Berke; Avar, Begüm; Ercan, Gökhan; Yıldız, Olcay Taner; Çam, İlker (IEEE, 2017)
    Many sentences create certain impressions on people. These impressions help the reader to have an insight about the sentence via some entities. In NLP, this process corresponds to Named Entity Recognition (NER). NLP ...
  • Subset selection for tuning of hyper-parameters in artificial neural networks 

    Aki, K. K.Emre; Erkoç, Tuğba; Eskil, Mustafa Taner (IEEE, 2017)
    Hyper-parameters of a machine learning architecture define its design. Tuning of hyper-parameters is costly and for large data sets outright impractical, whether it is performed manually or algorithmically. In this study ...
  • A multilayer annotated corpus for Turkish 

    Yıldız, Olcay Taner; Ak, Koray; Ercan, Gökhan; Topsakal, Ozan; Asmazoğlu, Cengiz (IEEE, 2018-01-01)
    In this paper, we present the first multilayer annotated corpus for Turkish, which is a low-resourced agglutinative language. Our dataset consists of 9,600 sentences translated from the Penn Treebank Corpus. Annotated ...
  • An all-words sense annotated Turkish corpus 

    Akçakaya, Sinan; Yıldız, Olcay Taner (IEEE, 2018-01-01)
    This paper reports our efforts in constructing of a sense labeled Turkish corpus with respect to Turkish Language Institution's dictionary, using the traditional method of manual tagging. We tagged a pre-built parallel ...
  • Creating Important Statement Type Comments in Autocomment: Automatic Comment Generation Framework 

    Yıldız, Eren; Ekin, Emine (IEEE, 2018-01-01)
    This study explains important statement comments generated by Autocomment, which is an automatic comment generation framework described in [1]. To create the comments, the source code is not expected to be runnable, but ...
  • Detection of DHCP Starvation Attacks in Software Defined Networks: A Case Study 

    Toprak, Cansu; Türker, Cem; Tüysüz Erman, Ayşegül (IEEE, 2018-01-01)
    Software Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging concept that maintains and analyzes the network status with its centralized architecture. This facility ensures network operators to monitor and manage the network elements ...
  • Animal Sound Classification Using A Convolutional Neural Network 

    Şaşmaz, Emre; Tek, Faik Boray (IEEE, 2018-01-01)
    In this paper, we investigate the problem of animal sound classification using deep learning and propose a system based on convolutional neural network architecture. As the input to the network, sound files were preprocessed ...
  • A Haar Classifier Based Call Number Detection and Counting Method for Library Books 

    Kanburoğlu, Ali Buğra; Tek, Faik Boray (IEEE, 2018-01-01)
    Counting and organization of books in libraries is a routine and time-consuming task The task gets more complicated by misplaced books in shelves. In order to solve these problems, we propose an automated visual call number ...
  • Comparison of Turkish Proposition Banks by Frame Matching 

    Ak, Koray; Bakay, Özge; Yıldız, Olcay Taner (IEEE, 2018-01-01)
    By indicating semantic relations between a predicate and its associated participants in a sentence and identifying the role-bearing constituents, SRL provides an extensive dataset to understand natural languages and to ...
  • Data Set Generation for Analysing of Turkish Semantic and Sentence Similarity 

    Ercan, Gökhan; Erkek, Orcun; Açıkgöz, Onur; Özçelik, Rıza; Parlar, Selen; Yıldız, Olcay Taner (IEEE, 2018-01-01)
    The aim of paper is generate a data set for analysing of Turkish semenatic and sentence similarity.

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