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  • Change in Turkey's Northern Iraq policy: A comparative analysis of Turgut Ozal and Tayyip Erdogan's Tenures 

    Kayhan Pusane, Özlem (Uluslararası İlişkiler Konseyi Derneği, 2017)
    Since the 1960s, Turkish policymakers have developed a distant attitude towards the Kurdish movement in Iraq and they have been concerned about the possibility of similar developments taking place in Turkey. However, in ...
  • Erosion of Central Bank independence in Turkey 

    Demiralp Yılankaya, Seda; Demiralp Cuda, Selva (Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2019-01-01)
    This study provides empirical analysis to show increasing pressures over the Central Bank of Turkey (CBT) throughout the past decade where the CBT gives into such pressures, despite the Central Bank Law, which ensures tool ...
  • Turkey's Military Victory over the PKK and Its Failure to End the PKK Insurgency 

    Pusane, Özlem Kayhan (Routledge journals, Taylor & Francis LTD., 2015-09-03)
    This article explores the major reasons why Turkey could not end the PKK insurgency despite its military defeat in the late 1990s. It argues that Turkish governments have failed to sufficiently address two key aspects of ...