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  • Chunking in Turkish with conditional random fields 

    Yıldız, Olcay Taner; Solak, Ercan; Ehsani, Razieh; Görgün, Onur; Gelbukh, A (Springer-Verlag, 2015-04-14)
    In this paper, we report our work on chunking in Turkish. We used the data that we generated by manually translating a subset of the Penn Treebank. We exploited the already available tags in the trees to automatically ...
  • Constructing a WordNet for Turkish using manual and automatic annotation 

    Ehsani, Razieh; Solak, Ercan; Yıldız, Olcay Taner (ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY, 2018-05)
    In this article, we summarize the methodology and the results of our 2-year-long efforts to construct a comprehensive WordNet for Turkish. In our approach, we mine a dictionary for synonym candidate pairs and manually mark ...
  • English-Turkish parallel treebank with morphological annotations and its use in tree-based SMT 

    Görgün, Onur; Yıldız, Olcay Taner; Solak, Ercan; Ehsani, Razieh (SciTePress, 2016)
    In this paper, we report our tree based statistical translation study from English to Turkish. We describe our data generation process and report the initial results of tree-based translation under a simple model. For ...