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  • Film formation from nano-sized polystrene latex covered with various TiO2 layers 

    Uğur, Şaziye; Sunay, S.; Elaissari, Abdelhamid; Tepehan, Fatma Zehra; Pekcan, Mehmet Önder (Wiley Subscription Services, Inc., A Wiley Company, 2006-12)
    Steady-state fluorescence technique was used for studying film formation from TiO2 covered nano-sized polystyrene latex particles. The composite films were prepared from pyrene (P)-labeled PS particles by covering them ...
  • Film formation from nano-sized polystyrene latex particles 

    Uğur, Şaziye; Elaissari, Abdelhamid; Pekcan, Mehmet Önder (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2005-05)
    This work reports on the steady state fluorescence (SSF) technique for studying film formation from surfactant-free, nano-sized polystyrene (PS) latex particles prepared via emulsion polymerization. The latex films were ...
  • Reversible film formation from nano-sized PNIPAM particles below glass transition 

    Uğur, Şaziye; Elaissari, Abdelhamid; Yargı, Önder; Pekcan, Mehmet Önder (Springer-Verlag, 2007-01)
    Reversible film formation process from nano-sized Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAM) microgel particles were studied during heating-cooling cycles at various rates. Photon transmission technique was used and transmitted ...