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  • Exact Solution Of Perturbed Kdv Equation With Variable Dissipation Coefficient 

    In the present work we study the integrability condition for a variable coefficient Korteweg-deVries(KdV) equation. For that purpose, we first introduce some proper transformations for dependent and independent variables ...
  • On approximate solutions for two higher-order Caputo-Fabrizio fractional integro-differential equations 

    Aydogan, Seher Melike; Baleanu, Dumitru; Mousalou, Asef; Rezapour, Shahram (SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG, 2017-08-03)
    We investigate the existence of solutions for two high-order fractional differential equations including the Caputo-Fabrizio derivative. In this way, we introduce some new tools for obtaining solutions for the high-order ...
  • On the fractional Fourier and continuous fractional wave packet transforms of almost periodic functions 

    Uzun Ünalmış, Banu (SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG, 2017-06-02)
    We state the fractional Fourier transform and the continuous fractional wave packet transform as ways for analyzing persistent signals such as almost periodic functions and strong limit power signals. We construct frame ...
  • A characteristic map for compact quantum groups 

    Kaygun, Atabey; Sütlü, Serkan (SPRINGER HEIDELBERG, 2017-09)
    We show that if G is a compact Lie group and g is its Lie algebra, then there is a map from the Hopf-cyclic cohomology of the quantum enveloping algebra U-q(g) to the twisted cyclic cohomology of quantum group algebra ...
  • Hopf-dihedral (co)homology and L-theory 

    Kaygun, Atabey; Sütlü, Serkan (EUROPEAN MATHEMATICAL SOC, 2018)
    We develop an appropriate dihedral extension of the Connes-Moscovici characteristic map for Hopf *-algebras. We then observe that one can use this extension together with the dihedral Chern character to detect non-trivial ...
  • Cylindrical and spherical solitary waves in an electron-acoustic plasma with vortex electron distribution 

    Demiray, Hilmi; Essam Roshdy, El-Zahar (AMER INST PHYSICS, 2018-04)
    We consider the nonlinear propagation of electron-acoustic waves in a plasma composed of a cold electron fluid, hot electrons obeying a trapped/vortex-like distribution, and stationary ions. The basic nonlinear equations ...
  • Subclass of m-quasiconformal harmonic functions in association with Janowski starlike functions 

    Sakar, Fethiye Müge; Aydoǧan, Seher Melike (ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC, 2018-02-15)
    Let's take f(z) = h (z) + <(g(z))over bar> which is an univalent sense-preserving harmonic functions in open unit disc D = {z : vertical bar z vertical bar < 1}. If f (z) fulfills vertical bar w(z)vertical bar = ...
  • Reductions of topologically massive gravity I: Hamiltonian analysis of second order degenerate Lagrangians 

    Uçgun, Filiz Çağatay; Esen, Oğul; Gümral, Hasan (AMER INST PHYSICS, 2018-01)
    We present Skinner-Rusk and Hamiltonian formalisms of second order degenerate Clement and Sarioglu-Tekin Lagrangians. The Dirac-Bergmann constraint algorithm is employed to obtain Hamiltonian realizations of Lagrangian ...
  • Positive solutions for a sum-type singular fractional integro-differential equation with m-point boundary conditions 

    Aydoğan, Seher Melike; Nazemi, Sayyedeh Zahra; Rezapour, Sh H. (Politechnica University of Bucharest, 2017)
    We study the existence and uniqueness of positive solutions for a sum-type singular fractional integro-differential equation with m-point boundary condition. Also, we provide an example to illustrate our main result.
  • An investigation of the certain class of multivalent harmonic mappings 

    Aydoğan, Seher Melike; Özkan Uçar, Hatice Esra; Polatoǧlu, Yaşar (Eudoxus Press, 2016-03)
    The main purpose of the present paper is to investigate some properties of the certain class of sense-preserving p-valent harmonic mappings in the open unit disc D = {z is an element of C parallel to z vertical bar < 1}.
  • On submanifolds with 2-Type Pseudo-Hyperbolic Gauss Map in Pseudo-Hyperbolic Space 

    Dursun, Uğur; Şen, Rüya Yeğin (Birkhauser Verlag AG, 2017-02-01)
    In this paper, we study pseudo-Riemannian submanifolds of a pseudo-hyperbolic space Hsm-1(-1)⊂Es+1m with 2-type pseudo-hyperbolic Gauss map. We give a characterization of proper pseudo-Riemannian hypersurfaces in ...
  • Hochschild cohomology of reduced incidence algebras 

    Sütlü, Serkan; Kaygun, Atabey; Kanuni Er, Müge (World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd., 2016)
    We compute the continuous Hochschild cohomology of four reduced incidence algebras: the algebra of formal power series, the algebra of exponential power series, the algebra of Eulerian power series, and the algebra of ...
  • On submanifolds of pseudo-hyperbolic space with 1-type pseudo-hyperbolic gauss map 

    Dursun, Uğur; Yeğin, Rüya; TR3460 (B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, 2016)
    In this paper, we examine pseudo-Riemannian submanifolds of a pseudo-hyperbolic space ℍm-1 s (-1) ⊂ Em s+1 with finite type pseudo-hyperbolic Gauss map. We begin by providing a characterization of pseudo-Riemannian sub- ...
  • Classification of minimal Lorentzian surfaces in S2 4 (1) with constant Gaussian and normal curvatures 

    Dursun, Uğur; Turgay, Nurettin Cenk (Mathematical Society of The Rep. Of China, 2016)
    In this paper we consider Lorentzian surfaces in the 4-dimensional pseudo- Riemannian sphere S2 4 (1) with index 2 and curvature one. We obtain the complete Classification of minimal Lorentzian surfaces S2 4 (1) whose ...
  • Lagrangian dynamics on matched pairs 

    Sütlü, Serkan; Esen, Oǧul (Elsevier B.V., 2017-01-01)
    Given a matched pair of Lie groups, we show that the tangent bundle of the matched pair group is isomorphic to the matched pair of the tangent groups. We thus obtain the Euler–Lagrange equations on the trivialized matched ...
  • Hamiltonian dynamics on matched pairs 

    Sütlü, Serkan (World Scientific Publishing Co., 2016)
    The cotangent bundle of a matched pair Lie group, and its trivialization, are shown to be a matched pair Lie group. The explicit matched pair decomposition on the trivialized bundle is presented. On the trivialized space, ...
  • Hopf-cyclic cohomology of quantum enveloping algebras 

    Kaygun, Atabey; Sütlü, Serkan (European Mathematical Society Publishing House, 2016)
    In this paperwe calculate both the periodic and non-periodic Hopf-cyclic cohomology of Drinfeld-Jimbo quantum enveloping algebra Uq.g/ for an arbitrary semi-simple Lie algebra g with coefficients in a modular pair in ...
  • Pseudo-Spherical Submanifolds with 1-Type Pseudo-Spherical Gauss Map 

    Bektaş, Burcu; Canfes, Elif Özkara; Dursun, Uǧur (Birkhauser Verlag AG, 2016-05-28)
    In this work, we study pseudo-Riemannian submanifolds of a pseudo-sphere with 1-type pseudo-spherical Gauss map. First, we classify Lorentzian surfaces in a 4-dimensional pseudo-sphere (Formula presented.) with index s, ...
  • On spherical submanifolds with finite type spherical Gauss map 

    Bektaş, Burcu; Dursun, Uğur (Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2016-04-01)
    Chen and Lue (2007) initiated the study of spherical submanifolds with finite type spherical Gauss map. In this paper, we firstly prove that a submanifold Mn of the unit sphere double-struck Sm-1 has non-mass-symmetric ...
  • A multiplier related to symmetric stable processes 

    Karlı, Deniz (Hacettepe University, 2016-04-15)
    In two recent papers [5] and [6], we generalized some classical results of Harmonic Analysis using probabilistic approach by means of a d- dimensional rotationally symmetric stable process. These results allow one to discuss ...

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