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  • Afforestation of arid and semiarid ecosystems in Turkey 

    Çalışkan, Servet; Boydak, Melih (Tubitak Scientific & Technical Research Council Turkey, 2017)
    Sustainable management of arid and semiarid forests requires careful planning and implementation. Afforestation by planting and seeding is a fundamental tool for the establishment of new forests on barren landscapes and ...
  • Assessment of green roof systems in terms of water and energy balance 

    Ekşi, Mert; Uzun, Adnan (Istanbul Univ, Fac Forestry, 2016)
    Green roofs concept term is used for extensive green roofs which are planted with herbaceous plants that can be adapted into changeable environmental conditions on a shallow substrate layer, require minimal maintenance, ...
  • An auxiliary tool for landscape evaluation: Ecological risk analysis based on analytic hierarchy process 

    Aksu, Gül Aslı; Musaoğlu, Nebiye; Uzun, Adnan (Parlar Scientific Publications (P S P), 2017)
    Ecological Risk Analysis may be used as an auxiliary method in making landscape planning and management decisions. However, both choosing the subject criteria of the analysis, and assigning values to such criteria are all ...
  • Culture and silviculture: origins and evolution of silviculture in Southeast Europe 

    O'Hara, Kevin L.; Bončína, Andrej; Diaci, Jurij; Anić, Igor D.; Boydak, Melih; Čurović, Milić; Govedar, Zoran V.; Grigoriadis, Nikolaos S.; Ivojevic, S.; Keren, Srđan; Kola, H.; Kostov, G.; Medarević, Milan J.; Metaj, M.; Nicolescu, N. V.; Raifailov, G.; Stăncioiu, Petru Tudor; Velkovski, Nikolco (Commonwealth Forestry Assoc, 2018-03)
    Silvicultural practices are generally developed to meet societal objectives given the constraints of the site. This simple premise is a foundation of modern silviculture. However, silviculture may vary for other reasons ...
  • Effects of heat shock on seed germination of Turkish red pine (Pinus brutia) 

    Boydak, Melih; Çalışkan, Servet (Universidad Austral De Chile, 2016)
    Fire plays an important ecological role in Mediterranean-type ecosystems. Many Mediterranean plant species exhibit enhanced germination capacity when exposed to heat. In the present study, the effect of high temperatures ...

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