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  • Design of a key exchange protocol between SIM card and service provider 

    Ok, Kerem; Coşkun, Vedat; Çevikbaş, Cem; Özdenizci, Büşra (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2016-01-08)
    Current capabilities of smart cards, Smartphones, and cellular network provoke companies to provide vast amount of services to the mobile users. Some of those services require end-to-end encryption between a Service Provider ...
  • The 110°C Thermoluminescence peak as a probe in bioactivity study of the 58S sol-gel bioactive glass 

    Polymeris, George S.; Goudouri, Ourania Menti; Paraskevopoulos, Konstantinos M.; Kitis, George (Trans Tech, 2011-11-06)
    Results of the present study provide strong indications towards the effective application of the 110°C Thermoluminescence (TL) peak in discriminating between different bioactive responses for the case of the 58S bioactive ...
  • Energy load balancing for fixed clustering in wireless sensor networks 

    Sevgi, Cüneyt; Ali, Syed Amjad (IEEE, 2012-05-07)
    Clustering can be used as an effective technique to achieve both energy load balancing and an extended lifetime for a wireless sensor network (WSN). This paper presents a novel approach that first creates energy balanced ...
  • The concept of confluence and the edge conditions for a wedge bounded by material sheets 

    İdemen, Mehmet Mithat (IEEE, 2000)
    The edge conditions which dictate the asymptotic behaviour of the electromagnetic field near the edges play a crucial role in solving boundary-value problems involving boundaries having edges, in analytical studies they ...
  • Algorithmic modifications to SPIHT 

    Bayazıt, Uluğ; Pearlman, William A. (IEEE, 2001)
    This paper proposes several low complexity algorithmic modifications to the SPIHT (Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees) image coding method of [3] The modifications exploit universal traits common to the real world ...
  • Linear filtering of image subbands for low complexity postprocessing of decoded color images 

    In [1], image adaptive linear minimum mean squared error (LMMSE) filtering was proposed as an enhancement layer color image coding technique that exploited the statistical dependencies among the luminance/chrominance or ...
  • Constraint-based routing in traffic engineering 

    Karaman, Ayşe (IEEE, 2006)
    Traffic engineering (TE) describes a domain-wide perspective for traffic control as opposed to application-specific concerns of QoS. MPLS is today's most powerful architecture for TE. Constraint-based routing refers to the ...
  • Thermo-microstretch elastic bodies and plane waves 

    İnan, Esin; Kırış, Ahmet (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2011)
    In the present work, vibration problems of rectangular plates are considered for the determination of upper bounds to the unknown microstretch material properties. The frequencies are obtained by extending the Ritz method ...
  • A Hollow Cylinder Problem in Microstretch Theory 

    İnan, Esin; Kırış, Ahmet (SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN, 2011)
    A hollow cylinder micro-damaged tube under pressure problem is discussed. Micro damage is modeled with Eringen's microstretch theory and the displacement and its comparison with classical result are given.
  • NFC Research Framework: A Literature Review And Future Research Directions 

    Özdenizci, Büşra; Aydın, Mehmet Nafiz; Coşkun, Vedat; Ok, Kerem (INT BUSINESS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT ASSOC-IBIMA, 2010)
    Near Field Communication (NFC) is one of the emerging and promising technological developments, provides means to short range contactless communication for mobile phones and other devices alike. NFC has become an attractive ...
  • IT Multisourcing in a Telecommunication Company 

    Aydın, Mehmet Nafiz; Bingöl, Erdem (INT BUSINESS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT ASSOC-IBIMA, 2012)
    Organizations have used numerous sourcing strategies to lower IT costs and improve IT service levels. However, a number of these sourcing strategies have failed to deliver on their expected outcomes. Multisourcing has been ...
  • The moodle tools for language teaching and learning with an interactive 

    Şakar, Asım (IATED-INT Assoc Technology Education & Development, 2013)
    The use of Moodle has been recently getting more and more popular in the world of ELT, and language teachers are discovering that Moodle has a larger potential and greater power compared to other online learning environments. ...
  • A novel method to design wideband power amplifier for wireless communication 

    Köprü, Ramazan; Kuntman, Hulusi Hakan; Yarman, Bekir Sıddık Binboğa (IEEE, 2013)
    A new approach is presented to design microwave amplifiers to deliver maximum output power using Simplified Real Frequency Technique (SRFT). Proposed method tracks the maximum stable gain (MSG) curve of the active device ...
  • Stock price reaction for scoring on corporate governance 

    Teker, Suat; Yüksel, Ahmet Hakan (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2014)
    There is a widely heralded need for improved corporate governance practices in order to stave off potential turbulences in financial markets. Corporate governance index enables investors to monitor the compliance level of ...

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