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  • Cementation characteristics and age of beachrocks in a fresh-water environment, Lake Iznik, NW Turkey 

    Erginal, Ahmet Evren; Kıyak, Nafiye Güneç; Öztürk, Muhammed Zeynel; Avcıoğlu, Mustafa; Bozcu, Mustafa; Yiğitbaş, Erdinç (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2012-12)
    This paper focuses on the cement characteristics and optical luminescence age of late Pleistocene-Holocene beachrock, exposed on the southeast shore of freshwater Lake Iznik in northwest Turkey, based on field observations, ...
  • Eolianite and coquinite as evidence of MIS 6 and 5, NW Black Sea coast, Turkey 

    Güneç Kıyak, Nafiye; Erginal, Ahmet Evren; Karabıyıkoğlu, Mustafa (Elsevier B.V., 2017-04-01)
    This paper discusses the implications of a lowstand carbonate eolianite and overlying transgressive sequence of coquinite at Şile on the Turkish Black Sea coast based on composition, depositional characteristics and optical ...