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  • Ceramic encapsulated latex composites 

    Uğur, Şaziye; Pehlivan, Esat; Tepehan, Fatma Zehra; Pekcan, Mehmet Önder (Elsevier Inc, 2006-04-15)
    This work reports the encapsulation of latex particles in Al(2)O(3)-polystyrene (PS) composite films. These films were prepared from PS particles in Al(2)O(3) dispersion at room temperature in various latex contents. ...
  • Film formation from TiO2-polystyrene latex composite: a fluorescence study 

    Uğur, Şaziye; Sunay Yapışkan, Münüre Selin; Tepehan, Fatma Zehra; Pekcan, Mehmet Önder (Taylor & Francis Group, 2007)
    This work reports the use of the steady state fluorescence (SSF) technique for studying film formation from TiO2 covered polystyrene (PS) latex particles. The composite films were prepared from pyrene (P)-labeled PS particles ...
  • Poly (styrene) latex/modified na-activated bentonite nanocomposite films: a fluorescence study 

    Uğur, Şaziye; Yargı, Önder; Günister, Ebru; Pekcan, Mehmet Önder (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV., 2008-12)
    We studied film formation of composites of surfactant-free polystyrene (PS) nanoparticles and modified Na-activated bentonite (MLB), by steady state fluorescence (SSF) technique. The films were prepared from a mixture of ...