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  • EOQ model with transportation cost under deterministic demand 

    Kars, Cihan (Işık Üniversitesi, 2012-12-24)
    Inventory planning issues are one of the most important aspects of the companies. To have optimal stock level both for production planning and low stock holding cost with successful demand forecast is also very important. ...
  • Optimization of fertile land usage and agricultural production of Turkey 

    Arslan, Şafak (Işık Üniversitesi, 2017-01-18)
    Turkey has a large amount of land which is suitable for agriculture. On the other hand, agricultural activities gradually decrease every year. Moreover, the fertile lands are not used effectively. As a result, production ...
  • A system dynamics analysis of energy dependency and consumption in Turkey 

    Ak, Muhammet Fatih (Işık Üniversitesi, 2013-10-04)
    This study includes a system dynamics model to analyze the energy demand, production and energy consumption in an integrated framework. The main focus of this study is on domestic and imported energy consumption in Turkey. ...